Mini Breastfeeding Care Kit - Bump Baby & Co
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Mini Breastfeeding Care Kit


Bump Baby and Co is all about taking care of Mum. As new Mums, we often put ourselves low on our priority list but self-love and self-care is so important as a new mum. We've designed this beautiful Mini Breastfeeding care kit to give every new mum, some self-love and care during this beautiful but sometimes challenging time. This kit contains:
Baby Calm Tea 50g
Daylesford Apothecary’s Baby Calm Tea is a naturopath-formulated way to calm your Baby and assist in helping them settle. The benefits of Baby Calm can be enjoyed by Mumma and passed through breastmilk, or Baby Calm Tea can be cooled and given to your baby through a bottle or dropper.
Baby Calm Tea assists babies naturally with symptoms associated with: Colic, Teething, Wind and Restlessness.
Dairy Milk Chocolate for Breastfeeding & Pumping Mums
Here is the Dairy Milk Chocolate for Breastfeeding and Pumping Mums.
Super yummy & just a little bit naughty.
Our Dairy Milk chocolate for Breastfeeding & Pumping Mums is a delicious way to treat yourself & aid in, increasing your milk supply .
Handcrafted by The Milk Pantry, our chocolates are filled with local and imported ingredients and come in a pack of nine.
Nipple Balm 30g 
Bump Baby and Co's Nipple Balm protects and soothe's the nipples during breastfeeding.
Bump Baby and Co's Nipple Balm has been formulated by our naturopath and handcrafted with certified organic ingredients making it both safe for Mum and Baby.
Mother's Milk Tea 100g 
Bump Baby and Co's Breastfeeding Tea has been formulated by our naturopath to assist breastfeeding and pumping mothers in the support of the production and quality of milk as well as easing colic and wind in newborn babies.
Please Note: All Our Bump Baby and Co Care Kits come in a beautifully presented complimentary gift box.

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